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Gifted Services

The overall aim of the Jackson County School System Gifted Education Program is to provide for the extension of learning opportunities, the development of individual potential, the enhancement of student self-esteem, and advancement toward becoming an independent learner beyond the experiences of the regular classroom.

The program provides a differentiated curriculum based on the assessed needs of the students and focuses on fostering general cognition, learning skills, research and reference skills, communication, and metacognition. For students who have met eligibility guidelines for placement in the gifted program and have parental consent to participate in the program, we will provide services of at least 5 segments per week or the yearly equivalent of gifted services.

Program Description - Elementary Level

At the elementary level, the program centers on fostering general cognition, learning skills, communication, and meta-cognition. In order to address these areas, JCSS offers a variety of services to the gifted students. Several delivery models are used, including;

  • Advanced Content model
  • Cluster model
  • Collaborative model

Extensive descriptions of these models may be found on the Georgia Department of Education Gifted Education page .

Teachers of Gifted students assess students with an addendum to our Standards Based Report Card.

Program Description - Middle School Level

The middle school program continues to develop the competencies addressed at the elementary level and helps students apply these skills to specific academic areas and includes more of the reference and research skills. Middle school students are served using the following model:

  • Advanced Content model

Program Description - High School Level

At the high school level, students have opportunities to apply the skills learned in middle school to specific academic and/or creative fields. Gifted students may choose classes that reflect their particular strength(s) in a specific area(s). Some of the models used in high school include

  • Advanced Placement model
  • Honors classes (Advanced Content gifted service delivery model)
  • Internship/Mentorship