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Child Find Information

The Jackson County Public School System offers a full range of special education services for disabled school-age children. This includes programs and related services for students who are learning disabled, emotionally/behaviorally disordered, speech impaired, visually impaired, physically impaired, hearing impaired, intellectually disabled, autistic, traumatic brain injured, significantly developmentally delayed, other health impaired, and hospital/homebound. Any disabled child, age three (3), as of September 1st, through age eighteen (18), or age twenty-one (21) dependent upon completion of his/her program, is eligible for special education services. In addition, center-based and homebound services are available for preschool disabled children from age three (3) through age five (5). These programs are provided at no cost to the parent.

We are making every effort to locate all children residing in Jackson County, including students attending private schools, who are homeschooled, who are homeless, or who are wards of the state, and may need special education consideration now or in the future. Many children are already receiving this service. We feel that there are many others who are not. Some disabled school-aged children may not be attending school because their parents are not aware that there are special programs available.

We are asking for your help in locating disabled persons who are not receiving an education or who may need special education. We need information about children who are below age five (5) so that we can offer assistance to parents about possible existing services and can plan for future needs.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a disabled child, you may make a referral by contacting the Special Education Director at (706) 367-5151.

If your child has already been evaluated, we would appreciate copies of your child’s records (i.e., psychological, medical, educational, etc.). You may authorize the release of the information by contacting the person(s) or agency who evaluated your child and asking that the records be sent to us. They should be addressed to the Special Education Director for Jackson County Schools, 1660 Winder Highway, Jefferson, Georgia 30549.

These records will be treated as confidential and will be maintained in the central office.

If you know of a disabled child who is not receiving an education, please pass this information along to the child’s parent or guardian.

Unless we find the child, we cannot help!