Round 2 for JACKSON CONNECT Student Applications Now Open!

ROUND 2 of Student Applications now open for JACKSON CONNECT!

Jackson County School System’s centralized, full time online/distance learning program for students from 3rd Grade through 8th Grade.

JACKSON CONNECT will be the only elementary and middle school distance learning program for the 2021-2021 school year in Jackson County Schools.

We are incredibly excited to offer a newly designed learning environment to you for the 2021-2022 school year. JACKSON CONNECT will blend  the best of distance, in-person, and personalized learning, and it will be offered to students in grades 3-8 who excel and benefit from learning at their own pace and place. JACKSON CONNECT will be based  at our new Empower College & Career Center, hence the name “JACKSON CONNECT @ EMPOWER.”

JACKSON CONNECT is NOT remote learning or hybrid learning as you have come to know but rather a customized approach to learning that combines personalized learning and distance learning and is based on each student’s strengths, needs, skills,  interests, knowledge base and learning style.

JACKSON CONNECT opens Fall 2021 and will be an extension of our Jackson County Schools and administered by the district’s Teaching & Learning team.  This program will include students from multiple schools across the Jackson County School System.


Are you ready to apply?

Fill out and submit the Student Initial Application Form linked below to launch the application process!

You only need to have your student answer 3 short questions to apply!

By submitting the JACKSON CONNECT Student Initial Application Form, you are confirming your wish to have your student attend JACKSON CONNECT with Jackson County School System, and, should your student’s application qualify pass the first round, you are agreeing to your student participating in a virtual interview with faculty and staff from Jackson County School System.

An FAQ document will be developed and provided soon. If you have any questions that are not answered in the Parent Information Presentation above, please email