This is the MASTER CALENDAR for Jackson County School System events.

    • Use the drop-down arrow at the far right, top of the calendar, to reduce the number of schools shown.
    • Select Week, Month, or day-at-a-time Agenda at the right on the top of the calendar for a different view.
    • Use the directional arrows at the top left of the calendar to select additional dates.
    • Click on an individual event for more details or to add it to your own Google calendar.

Click here to go to an individual school’s public calendar; find it on the school’s website home page.


One-Page School Year Calendars

Click the links here to download or print one-page copies of the 2018-19 School Year calendar (approved Jan. 11, 2018), or the 2019-20 School Year or the 2020-21 School Year (dated 12/17/18 in the lower right corner).

February dates are marked each year for potential weather make-up days; early release dates for elementary school students (to accommodate parent conferences) and for middle and high school students (to accommodate exam schedules) also are marked.

Click here for the spring testing calendar.