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2024 Summer Learning

The Jackson County School System is dedicated to ensuring students have ample educational resources available for them during the summer months.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have optional work available to them. Students in sixth through 12th grade are expected to participate in at least one summer learning experience. Students will participate in a collaborative assignment with classmates upon returning to school in August.

Students enrolled in AP or IB courses should complete the assignments provided by their teacher, but are also welcome to engage in the activities below. 

Rising Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Students:
  • Complete a variety of summer learning challenges on your Summer Learning Bingo Board

  • Bring your Bingo Board back to school by Friday, August 9th, to earn a special treat! 

If you need book recommendations or places to find books, click here!

Rising 6th through 12th Grade Students:
  • Summer learning options for grades 6-8 and 9-12 were built in partnership with our public libraries in an app, Beanstack. 

  • Students can access Beanstack through this page on the public library website or download the Beanstack app. All the information you need to set up an account and access summer learning can be found here

  • Once in Beanstack, students will:

    1. Select a content area and choose from a variety of reading, audio, video, or experiential activities. 

    2. After engaging with the material, students will respond to an open-ended question. 

    3. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate within the Beanstack platform detailing their activities and responses. They must complete at least one activity, but can complete as many as they like.

    4. Upon returning to school in the fall, students will be expected to participate in collaborative assignments in class to share their takeaways from summer learning, reflect on the experiences they chose, make connections to their courses, and build resources for continued learning. 

  • Students can reach out to schools with questions and can get support at their closest public library branch.