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Out of District Information

Thank you for your interest in Jackson County Schools! We are pleased to provide enrollment opportunities for students who do not live within the boundaries of our school system.

The out-of-district application deadline for the 2024-25 school year is June 1, 2024. A notification regarding the decision for the out-of-district application will be sent to families in early July. 

For students in Pre-K through 12th grade who do not live (and will not be living) within the boundaries of the Jackson County School System (JCSS) but wish to attend one of the JCSS schools, parents or guardians must register at the school their children will attend. Students do not have to be present at the time of registration.

Please be aware of the following stipulations regarding out-of-district student enrollment:

  • Out-of-district students are enrolled in our schools only if space is available after all students zoned for attendance there are enrolled and all students who live in Jackson County but wish to attend a school outside their attendance zone are placed.
  • Transportation will NOT be provided for these students, to or from any location, including homes of relatives or day care centers located within Jackson County.
  • Once an out-of-district child is placed, that enrollment is valid for for one school year only. There is no guarantee of placement in subsequent years, and your application must be made annually.

How to Enroll an Out-of-District Student in Jackson County Schools 

STEP 1: Click on Register Online (Orange Button). 

STEP 2: Complete the registration for out-of-district applicants. 

STEP 3: Request the following documents from your child's current non-JCSS school and deliver/bring them to the school for enrollment: 

  • Attendance records
  • Current report card/transcript
  • Discipline records
  • State assessment scores


Click to Register Your Student Online