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Bus Driver & Bus Monitor Opportunities

An exciting job is available right in your backyard as a school bus driver or monitor! 

A career in Jackson County Transportation is one of the few opportunities that allow for a healthy work-life balance. You’ll be able to earn the money you need, contribute to the community, and still have plenty of time to do all the things outside of work that are important to you. 

Our young people are our future. Transporting them to school gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping them to get an education that will allow them to grow up into productive, contributing members of society.  You assist in keeping our school system running.  Imagine a world without school bus staff.  Many parents would have to bring their kids to school themselves and would not be able to work their normal schedule.  You will be the one who can make an important contribution to strengthening the local economy and supporting our community’s families.

You can also experience a certain level of independence and freedom as a school bus driver or monitor.  Since you will always be on the road, you will sit in a moving workplace and no day will look the same.

If you love kids, a career as a bus driver or monitor could be very rewarding. You are the first school personnel that a child sees in the morning, and one of the last to see them in the afternoon.  The atmosphere on a student’s bus will impact the student’s day, and consequently, the entire school year - this is an amazing opportunity to positively impact the lives of our children!

JCSS Transportation offers bus drivers an 8-hour or 5-hour schedule each day, and all bus drivers work 180 days per year. The starting pay for a driver with no experience is $19.40 per hour. 

Click here to apply for a job in transportation.

Bus Driver of the Year

The Jackson County School System began recognizing a Bus Driver of the Year in 2023. Mr. Pete McClellan was voted, by his peers, as the first-ever JCSS Bus Driver of the Year. Mr. Pete, as he is collectively known by students, co-workers and families, was recognized during the annual Teacher and Support Person of the Year Banquet in September.