• The JCSS Student Health Services Program believes that students are able to thrive and perform at their potential when they are healthy and present.

  • Our Student Health Services Program is staffed by Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and unlicensed clinic assistants. Licensed nurses are responsible for the development of school-based individual healthcare plans for students with chronic health conditions and school clinic staff are available for daily health needs.

    School-based nursing services provide health-related support for students with documented health conditions, including:

    • Coordinate vision, hearing, dental, scoliosis, and other required screenings for students, including referrals as needed
    • Ensure immunizations for students are current as required by federal, state, and local regulations
    • Provide first-aid, emergency care, and medical support as needed while a student is on premise at school
    • Assist parents with the administration of prescribed medical treatment based on a medical need per written physician order.
    • Provide information for preventing common illnesses through health education, guidance to parents, and community resources.
    • Promote awareness activities through education and health initiatives

    Nurses and clinic staff remove barriers to learning by

    • Caring for day to day medical needs and chronic health conditions:
      • Acute illnesses
      • Daily medications
      • Chronic illnesses (diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, ADHS, etc.)
      • Communicable diseses
      • Dental disease
      • Injuries and emergencies
      • Mental Health
      • Nutrition
    • Attend IEP, 504, and IHP meetings as needed
    • Perform annual immunization record audits for state reporting on Pre-K, kindergarten, and 7th grade
    • Perform annual scholiosis screenings for all 6th and 7th graders
    • Perform hearing/vision screenings as needed and annually for all 3rd-grade students
    • Regional nurses create and maintain IHP (Individual Healthcare Plans) for students with chronic health conditions and updates as needed
  • Meet Our Team

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    Ronda Brewer
    Lead Regional Nurse

     Pam Watson 

    Pam Watson
    Regional Nurse

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    Tamara Freeman
    Regional Nurse