• JCSS prioritizes personalized learning. As part of our Quality Service Standards for Instruction, we are committed to utilizing next-generation tools and innovative practices to inspire students, enhance learning, and individualize the learning experience.

  • As referenced in our district’s Quality Service Standards, the following are our agreed upon Common Practices of Excellence:

    • Collaborate weekly to review student work and to use assessment results and DOK levels to plan academically challenging lessons.
    • Consistently communicate with families and stakeholders through quarterly community letters, monthly school newsletters, and weekly posts on social media and websites.
    • Ensure that every student has an advocate who assists with setting learning and life goals, monitoring progress towards those goals, and celebrating outcomes.
    • Prioritize a focus on rigor, differentiation, student engagement, authentic learning, and the use of data as the most important elements of student learning through PLC work and conversations.
    • Commit to flexible learning experiences that include the activation of prior knowledge, independent and guided practice, with closure and summarization of learning.
  • Meet Our Team


    Jennifer Saine
    Personalized Learning Director
JCSS Vision of Personalized Learning Graphic