• Welcome to the JCHS Math Department!

  • The JCHS mathematics department works to ensure that curriculum, instruction, and assessment are dynamic, rigorous, and considerate so that we can meet the diverse needs of students.

    The department commits itself to developing and implementing a clearly articulated, coherent curriculum focused on important and meaningful mathematics. JCHS math teachers foster the development of problem-solving and reasoning skills through the use of mathematical models and multiple representations.

    Students are provided the opportunity to demonstrate and apply skills, knowledge, and understanding in a variety of formats. Mathematical tasks are selected and implemented to engage students’ interest and intellect. Teachers continuously evaluate and revise curriculum to ensure mathematical ideas are connected and integrated across courses and between levels.

    Teachers continuously create and implement assessments to monitor student learning and progress towards explicit learning targets, guide instruction, and support programmatic decisions as well as make appropriate decisions about the use of technology to enhance instruction and learning of mathematical concepts and proficiency. Curriculum reflects state and national standards.

The 2021-2022 Math Department
The 2021-2022 Math Department