• At WJES we strongly believe the foundational piece to student success is the relationship between the school, our families, and the surrounding community. In connecting and engaging with our students' families, we feel we are able to make the largest impact on our students. We are constantly trying to discover new and innovative ways to bridge the gap between school and home. Through district math nights, STEAM nights, parent-teacher conferences, and parent universities, WJES faculty attempt to connect with families and grow greatness together. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions on how to foster connection amongst the school and community, please contact our school counselors, Ms. Isa or Ms. Brooks or reach out to a member of our administration team. 

  • All Pro Dads

    West Jackson Elementary Chapter


    The BIG IDEA…

    Here at WJES, we saw a need to get dads involved in the lives of their children and in our school. Being a dad can be tough. You don't know all the answers but feel you are expected to know them. Come join us for a monthly time where you can have fun, spend quality time, have great conversations with your child, and be provided with resources to help you be the dad you have always wanted to be. The biggest benefit will be to your kids. Call us if you have any questions (706.654.2044).



    Kids and their Dad or Uncle or Grandfathers or Next Door Neighbors, etc.


    Where can I get more information…

    Program website:  www.allprodad.com

    WJES website:  http://allprodadsday.com/chapters/11026