Maysville Elementary Counseling Program

    Your child will be seeing me for whole group lessons on SOARing and  Character Education. Since it is my job to keep the students SAFE and SOARing, I’d like to share what I’ll be teaching your children this school year.

     To keep students SOARing (S=stay safe, O=Outstanding Attitude, A-Always Respectful, R=Responsible) we will cover these character education topics. Please reinforce these at home as well. 

    August- Self Control & And review last year Safer Smarter Kids                  

    September- Respect (Always)  and Self Control      

    October- Responsibility & Self Control                    

    November-  Gratitude & Outstanding Attitude          

    December- Caring & Giving back

    January - Cooperation

    February- Self Control and Kindness

    March - Kindness

    April & May- Safer Smarter Kids

    To keep them SAFE, the following safety strategies will be taught using the Safer Smarter Kids Program.  SSK is a safety curriculum that teaches children about being safe.  Buddy is the puppet’s name used to teach K-2, but 3-5 students may remember him from their younger years. Here is what we will be learning to be safe:  

    • Personal Space/Body Boundaries 
    • Respecting Yourself and Others 
    • Listening to your Guiding Voice 
    • Identifying Trusted adults, “Grown-Up Buddies”
    • Stranger Safety    

    We will begin the year by going over the safety strategies that should have been learned during last school year so they’ll be ready for this year’s program. 

    If you have any questions about your child and what we will be covering this year in the counselor’s SOAR special, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 706-652-2241 or Lmaddox@jcss.us 

     Thank you for your investment in keeping your child SAFE and SOARing! 

     Linda Maddox 

    MES School Counselor