• What is 7 Mindsets?
    The 7 Mindsets approach is based on the premise that success depends less on what a person knows, and much more on how he or she thinks. 7Mindsets provides the foundation for resilience, motivation, and meaning in life. By making small shifts in the way someone views the world and his or her future in it, we help create a positive and sustainable transformation.
    7 Mindsets Teaches:
    • Dream bigger and increase expectations with a more optimistic view of the future.
    • Discover unique talents and passions and align them with personal goals.
    • Develop empowering relationships and learn to work with, for, and through others.
    • Take responsibility for your life becoming 100% accountable.
    • Appreciate what you have in life and bounce back more quickly from setbacks.
    • Embrace social responsibility and the importance of giving back.
    • Write a personalized life plan and take action toward realizing your goals and dreams.
    Mindset #1 - Everything is Possible
    Mindset #2 - Passion First
    Mindset #3 - We are Connected
    Mindset #4 - 100% Accountable
    Mindset #5 - Attitude of Gratitude
    Mindset #6 - Live to Give
    Mindset #7 - The Time is Now

    How is 7 Mindsets Presented to Students at EJMS?
    EJMS students receive a new 7Mindsets lesson every Monday during WIN. The school follows the district's prescribed map for the order that the information is presented.  Throughout the week information from the lesson is incorporated throughout the student's day. Faculty and staff incorporate the 7 Mindsets theme throughout the month with different activities with students.