Planning your life begins by understanding yourself.

    Empower College and Career Center utilizes results from YouScience to assess your interests and aptitude. Using YouScience and our job-based video repository, Edge Factor, enables your advisors to try and help you discover your interest areas that can be applied to school and work. These guides are used to help students decide on a  pathway combination as well as potential experiences needed to complement their studies on and off campus.

    Finding a great internship, job, or experience can be time-intensive and is highly valued by students and employers.  All of our pathway teachers bring in industry professionals as guest speakers throughout the year, which is a great opportunity for students to ask questions about a field of interest. It is recommended that EmpowerC3 students work closely with the work-based learning contact at their base school, to ensure the best fit for job-related internships during school hours. 

    Standing out among a crowd of highly-qualified job applicants is a must for those highly-desirable internships and jobs. Designing appropriate resumes and cover letters is a specialty of our career services and work-based learning personnel. Communicating with employers appropriately is the number-one most desired characteristic of any job applicant.  Many of these skills are offered through our student workshops held each week at EmpowerC3. 

    Deciding on a post-secondary educational institution can be equally time-intensive. It is recommended that EmpowerC3 students work closely with the school counselor at their base school to ensure Ga. Futures and FAFSA are completed. Here at EmpowerC3, we offer help with finding scholarships and scheduling in-person or virtual tours of various colleges/universities. Tools here can help you start on your journey of career decision!