• Support Staff picture

    First Row (L to R): Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Beauchamp, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Huss, Mrs. Allegood, Mrs. Garner, Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Gates

    Middle Row (L to R): Mrs. Gibbs, Ms. Chisolm, Mrs. McMurray, Mrs. Dillow, Mrs. Ginn, Mrs. Bendin, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Morris

    Back Row (L to R): Mrs. Rinckey, Mrs. Flint, Ms. Kiley, Dr. Rayburn, Ms. White, Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. Holt

         The support staff at East Jackson Elementary is unlike any other! These teachers provide additional support beyond what the homeroom teachers offer each day. At East Jackson, our support staff goes above and beyond to meet students where they are academically and behaviorally. They provide precise instruction to help students reach and exceed their goals. We are so lucky to have so much support for our students on a daily basis.