• The JCSS Teaching and Learning Department strives to empower leaders and teachers to successfully reach every child where they are and provide them with the means necessary to achieve their goals.

  • The Teaching and Learning Department is committed to inspiring and empowering the students of Jackson County by promoting and supporting personalized, high-quality instruction that is relevant in the eyes of our students. We are dedicated to providing learning environments where students can leverage their unique abilities, exceptionalities, and diverse backgrounds to maximize their individual potential. We are committed to fostering authentic student engagement by supporting all leaders, teachers, and staff members as they provide exceptional experiences for students throughout Jackson County schools in an effort to prepare them for success today and tomorrow.

  • Meet Our Team


    Dr. Amity Hardegree
    Assistant Superintendent,
    Teaching & Learning

    Brenda Williams Headshot

    Brenda Williams
    Executive Secretary,
    Teaching & Learning