Get help from nurses, clinic aides, social workers

As our community adjusts to working and schooling from home, we want to remind you that our nurses and clinic assistants are still available for health questions.

Please contact us to share information about your family’s health situation with us as we continue to track the sick and well families in our community.

We will continue to follow up with you via phone or email during our time of social distancing.

Ronda Brewer, RN, Lead Regional Nurse, also serves as regional nurse for the westside schools. Reach her via email at Tamara Freeman, LPN, is regional nurse for the eastside schools. Reach her at,

Our school nurse/clinic aides contacts are:


Tamara Freeman, regional nurse –



Ronda Brewer, RN, regional nurse –


Repeating information from previous posts, if you need help from our social workers, please call or email:

  • Rachel Duke – WJES, JCCHS, GSES, and homebound coordinator – 706-387-7391 or
  • Destiny Silich – SJES, EJMS, EJCHS, and homeless liaison – 706-387-7390 or
  • Stacie Monroe – EJES, NJES, MES, WJMS – 706-387-7392 or


Our first priority is the health and safety of our students, staff, and families. Please let us know if you need help!