Howard’s Highlights – May 2019

Dr. April Howard, Superintendent, Jackson County School System

Dr. April Howard, Superintendent, Jackson County School System

As we begin the last week of the 2018-2019 school year, I want to say a very special thank you to all our stakeholders for their hard work and dedication to the students, families, and community of Jackson County. Whether you are a parent of a kindergartner or a senior, whether you are a teacher who has been with us for many years or you are finishing your first year with us, your investment is appreciated.

Each of you has contributed to the many successes our schools, district, and students are celebrating as we close out the year.

I am very grateful for the remarkable experiences that have been provided to our students. While I don’t get to be at all of the amazing activities at each school, I am so humbled and proud when I reflect upon the dedication our teachers and staff have in providing students authentic, engaging, and FUN learning experiences.

We are especially proud of the graduating class of 2019!  On Thursday and Friday, the Jackson County Board of Education and leaders will gather with students’ families and friends and proudly honor 441 graduates with 158 honor graduates and overall scholarship earnings of $7,904,755!  Our students continue to break new records and reach new heights, and we are so very proud of their many accomplishments!

As we wrap up this year, I am encouraging our staff to find time to rest and reflect over the summer. Their work is very important and their impact is much greater than they likely realize. I also am challenging them to think about how they will continue to stretch our students and themselves as they start the 2019-2020 school year. We should strive to reach new heights each day, week, and year.  We have a responsibility to encourage students and help them believe they can go farther and do more than they could ever imagine.

We are blessed to serve in a capacity where we have the privilege of encouraging, influencing, and inspiring young minds. We want to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity we have with our students.

I hope our families have time to enjoy one another’s company and strengthen their bonds as they take advantage of the change in schedule and structure provided by the summer break.

April Howard, Superintendent of Schools
Jackson County School System