New Program of Study posted

Cover: 2019-20 Program of Study

The 2019-20 Program of Study is now available. Printed copies will be distributed to all our eighth-grade students next week, hot off the press, but you can click here to view, print and/or download the electronic version. Copies will also be available at our high schools for use during advisement and when new students enroll.

The Graduation Plan — a vital roadmap — is provided on pages 4-5. It can be updated each year and begins with classes offered to sixth-graders.

From the introduction to the 44-page book, which lays out coursework and pathways:

“Whether students plan to enter the workforce immediately or attend college after high school graduation, careful consideration of high school course options can impact their futures. To better prepare students for the demands of the 21st-century economy and for post-secondary education, the Jackson County School System has provided this planning guide for use by students and their parents.

“Keep this planning guide for the next four years and use it to set career goals and to plan for a world of work options. Go over the information in the guide together and begin to have discussions concerning post-high school plans and how you can reach the goals that you set. Bring this guide with you to each annual advisement appointment at your high school and share with your advisor as you all work together to map out the next year’s schedule of courses. Finally, mark your choices in the guide as you go through high school and as your career decisions possibly change and evolve.

“This planning guide shows the clear connection between class work and future success, pointing out the relevance of academic learning in the classroom. It also provides information on a variety of occupations that differ in the scope of education and training required in order to obtain employment. The courses you choose today will have an effect on your future course options and opportunities.”

For more information, contact our schools‘ guidance department staff.