Online access for distance learning available

Struggling to connect with digital learning for your child? We’re here to help!

District leaders are working to develop a plan to work with each school to address every student we know has limited access.

IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS, please be sure you let your child’s teacher or administrator know.

All our schools have WiFi that should be accessible from their parking lots, including our Gordon Street Center — student devices should automatically log on, just as if they were being used inside the building.

The amazing Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce is working with local businesses that have WiFi access they are willing to share to help our families with digital learning, too.

The document presented below lists local businesses and their access and includes links to information about Comcast opening up ALL of its public hotspots to customers and non-customers, alike. Click here for a copy you can download/print.

Again, please let us know if you need help — your best path will be through your child’s homeroom teacher.


Public WiFi List