Josh Patton

Director, Facilities
Josh Patton

706-367-5151, ext. 17137
Email: jpatton@jcss.us

Executive Assistant
Sheila Briggs
706-367-5151, ext. 17106
Email: sbriggs@jcss.us

The Jackson County School System Facilities Department strives to provide clean, healthy,  safe, and well-maintained buildings and properties for its students, staff, and community.

We are responsible for six elementary, two middle and two high schools and their campuses; the Gordon Street Center; the central office building and transportation shop – all properties owned by the Board of Education.

In addition to the maintenance and upkeep of JCSS facilities, we also are involved in the renovation and modification of existing facilities, planning for new facilities, and the installation and maintenance of the safety and security equipment used in our schools.

The Jackson County School System’s Board of Education has a Wellness Policy that guides our Wellness Procedures and maintains a Wellness, Health, Safety & Security Advisory Committee to help plan, update, implement, promote and monitor the wellness policy as well as to address other health, safety, and security concerns within the school system.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please send an email to Dr. Debra Morris at dmorris@jcss.us or John Canup at jcanup@jcss.us.


Photos - New High School - Monthly Project Report

By the numbers …

  • >1.4 million sq ft of school property:
    • 6 elementary schools
    • 2 middle schools
    • 2 high schools
  • 550+ acres of property
  • 55 custodians
  • 4 plant managers
  • 8 maintenance technicians
  • 2 maintenance supervisors
  • 1 administrative assistant
  • 1 director
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