Prices and Payments

There were no changes to meal prices for the 2020-2021 school year.

Breakfast costs $1.45 for students in the elementary schools and $1.55 in the middle and high schools; lunch costs $2.10 in the elementary schools and $2.60 in the middle and high schools. Adults can eat with their children at $2.50 for breakfast or $3.50 for lunch.

Click here for a table that lists meal prices — daily, weekly, monthly, and for 90-day period —  for the convenience of those who would like to place money “on account” for their children’s lunches.

Adults also may purchase meals: Breakfast is $2.50; lunch is $3.50.

To get a school meal in the cafeteria, students can:

  • Pay cash for a meal.
  • Use funds deposited via SchoolPay logocredit or debit card to an account established through SchoolPay, JCSS’s online vendor for the payment of school fees. If you are unable to establish an account or use an account you already have set up with SchoolPay, please contact Mistene Pruitt at 706-367-5151 or email
  • Apply for assistance available through the free and reduced-price meal program.
    • Hunger can affect a child’s behavior and ability to learn. All students are assigned a personal identification number — or PIN — to use with their school cafeteria accounts, and your child’s privacy will be protected.
    • Click here for more information to help determine if your child/children qualify for free or reduced-price meal assistance.
    • You can now apply online for free and reduced-price meal benefits through the Infinite Campus parent portal by following these instructions.
    • You also can complete an application by hand; click here to download the form or ask for a copy of the form at the front office at any of our schools.
    • New enrollments to the program can be accepted at any time.
    • Applications previously approved must be renewed within the first 30 days of the new school year.
Charge Policy for students and adults

Elementary and middle school students will only be allowed to charge up to five meals. High school students and adults are not allowed to charge any meals.

A charge notice will be sent home with a student each time a meal is charged; if a third notice is sent without outstanding charges being paid, the principal or social worker will be asked to intervene in the collection of the delinquent payments and asses the need for free or reduced-priced meals.

Students will be given an alternative meal if five charges are accumulated without payment. The alternative breakfast meal will consist of toast, a choice of fruit, and a carton of white milk; lunch will consist of a cheese sandwich, a choice of fruit or vegetable, and a carton of white milk; and à la carte items are not permitted.

Payments can be made through our online payment system, School Pay; click here to learn more. You can call the school and ask for the cafeteria to check your current balance. For the 2019-2020 school year, no charges will be accepted after May 8, 2020, so that charges can be cleared before classes end.

Parents may designate that their children can NEVER charge meals, and JCCSS will record those requests in the students’ files.

Parents who apply for free and reduced-price meal assistance are responsible for payment of all school meals and accumulated charges until approval is granted. Federal guidelines allow maximum of 10 days to approve a new application. No child is allowed a free or reduced-price meal without a current, approved application on file. Parents will receive a notification letter of a student’s eligibility showing the effective date. If a notification letter is not received within ten days after application, please call the JCSS school nutrition office at 706-367-5151.

Parents/guardians are responsible for communicating with their children and/or the school nutrition manager or cashier about their child’s account or meal charges.

For more information, contact Dr. Debra Morris, JCSS school nutrition director, or Mistene Pruitt, school nutrition clerk, at 706-367-5151.