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Cat Flippen

Cat Flippen

Cat Flippen was hired in 2017 as director of personalized learning and innovation, which oversees and unites the technology and curriculum and instruction offices. She joins the Jackson County School System as an award-winning keynote speaker, trainer, and educator with a background in both K-12 and higher education. She is a Google-Certified Innovator and Google-Certified Trainer and was named a 2014 Emerging Leader by the International Society of Technology in Education and Georgia’s 2014 Foreign Language Teacher of the Year. A native of Atlanta, she champions the Georgia Edcamp movement and serves as the social media chair for the Georgia Educational Technology Conference. She specializes in developing sustainable and effective methods of digital learning and instruction, and she is passionate about change-making education to revolutionize teaching and personalize learning for every student.

A strategic goal of Jackson County School System is to personalize the learning experience for each of our students in every capacity. 


Personalized learning works closely with two other groups in our system.

With technology fully integrated into Teaching & Learning, our powerhouse Technology Department team implements and maintains all devices, hardware, infrastructure, and network services with our primary customer in mind: our students. Information technology infused with a continual instructional perspective helps us not only better serve our students and teachers but also stay at the forefront of educational technology in schools, thus better preparing our students for a dynamically changing future.

We know that strong and successful lifelong learners come from expert teachers in all our instructional spaces. Our Content Instructional Specialist Team works with every teacher and every administrator to provide the most effective curriculum materials and instruction models to maximize the learning of each student in our care.




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