Multi-Tiered Systems of Support – MTSS

The Jackson County School System uses a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework that recognizes the joint influence of academic, social, and behavioral needs on a child’s overall educational performance.

MTSS is aimed at addressing the needs of all learners — struggling through advanced — by providing a continuum of support and intervention. This school improvement initiative is designed to support better educational outcomes — increasing graduation rates and ensuring that our students are college- and career-ready.

Pyramid of Intervention

Georgia Department of Education’s ‘Pyramid of Intervention’ – Click to see a larger version.

At the core of MTSS lies the Pyramid of Interventiona visual representation developed by the Georgia Department of Education that illustrates layers of instructional supports that can be provided to students based on their individual needs.

At Tier 1, all JCSS students participate in a standards-based classroom environment. Teachers use differentiation, such as flexible grouping and multiple modalities of learning, as well as positive behavior supports to foster an empowering and positive school climate. Students’ academic and behavioral progress is monitored through universal screenings and benchmark assessments.

At Tier 2, students participate in small group learning to address any skills, concepts, or content areas that require targeted support beyond Tier 1 instruction. Students who need supplemental instruction (e.g., reading comprehension) are provided with research-based interventions to increase the likelihood of mastery and success.

Tier 3 support is provided to students who require more individualized and targeted intervention in addition to a more formalized problem-solving process. At Tiers 2 and 3, analysis of a student’s response to intervention (RTI) data informs instructional decision-making.

Tier 4 is provided to students who have not made adequate progress with previous levels of support and require specialized programs.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on MTSS in the Jackson County School System, contact Dr. Kristin Mobbs at 706-367-5151.

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MTSS is a preventive and tiered approach designed to enable all students to learn and achieve high academic and behavioral standards.

Consistent with the district’s commitment to educational excellence, this framework supports continuous improvement while meeting individual student needs.

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