Choosing a school outside your attendance zone (HB251)

Parents/Guardians who live in Jackson County and want their children to attend aa JCSS school other than the one for which the family’s residence is zoned may apply for a change through the process established by Georgia House Bill 251, Public School Choice Framework.

HB251, passed in 2009, allows a JCSS student to enroll in a school outside the defined attendance zone as long as the requested school has space available after all its assigned students have been enrolled. The student may then continue at that school through all the grades offered there (i.e., elementary, middle or high school), but another application must be made when the student advances to the next level. The parent/guardian is responsible for all the costs associated with transporting the student to and from the out-of-zone school.

If you are enrolling your child for kindergarten for the coming year and wish to request a school other than the one for which you are zoned, you need to submit the application to and participate in the springtime Kindergarten Round-Up at the school for which you are zoned. (If you are enrolling your child after the Round-Up, please do so at the school for which you are zoned).

If your child has a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP), nothing in this framework requires the school to develop those services at the requested school as long as they are available elsewhere in the local school district.

Students whose HB251 applications are approved are not eligible for interscholastic competition for one year, per Georgia High School Association (GHSA) eligibility guidelines.

Click here to download more information and a copy of the application, which also is available at the main office of any school or at the Central Office, 1660 Winder Highway, Jefferson, GA 30549. Complete it and return it to the school you have selected under the Public School Choice Framework.

The application deadline is June 15, and the superintendent of schools makes the final decision on all requests. Responses are mailed to families by July 1.

Click here if you live OUTSIDE Jackson County and are interested in enrolling your child(ren) in our school(s).

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The Jackson County School System does not and will not discriminate
based on race, color, national origin, or immigration status.

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McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth

The McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth program is designed to address the problems that homeless children and youth have faced in enrolling, attending, and succeeding in school. Under this program, state educational agencies must ensure that each homeless child and youth has equal access to the same free, appropriate public education, including a public preschool education, as other children and youth.
If the McKinney-Vento Act applies to your family, the school registrar/school social worker will be able to assist with the registration process.If you have further questions regarding registration, please contact the school the student will be attending.