School Improvement Plans – SIPs

The Jackson County School System and each of its 10 schools have School Improvement Plans (SIPs) that focus on coherent instructional systems, effective leadership, professional capacity, family and community engagement, and supportive learning environment. The focus is applied to each of the school’s individual goals.

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Jackson County School System
2018-2019 District and School Improvement Plans
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District School Improvement Goals and Plans

Jackson County School District

Superintendent – Dr. April Howard


Schools School Improvement Goals & Plans 2018-2019

East Jackson Elementary School

Principal – Ms. Jennifer Halley

Gum Springs Elementary School

Principal – Mr. Todd Graichen

Maysville Elementary School

Principal – Dr. Michele Archibald

North Jackson Elementary School

Principal – Ms. Teresa Strickland

South Jackson Elementary School

Principal – Ms. Resa Brooksher

West Jackson Elementary School

Principal – Dr. Amity Hardegree

East Jackson Middle School

Principal – Ms. Kim Johnson

West Jackson Middle School

Principal – Dr. Melissa Conway-Wolcott

East Jackson High School

Principal – Ms. Chanda Palmer

Jackson County High School

Principal – Dr. Pete Jones


Updated 1/22/2019