Pathway ‘completers’ have higher graduation rates

Todd Schultz, director of career, technical, and agricultural education for the Jackson County School System

Todd Schultz, director of career, technical, and agricultural education for the Jackson County School System

Both East Jackson and Jackson County comprehensive high schools have topped the state’s graduation rate for students involved in pathways for world languages; fine arts; advanced academics; and career, technical, and agricultural education programs with perfect and near-perfect scores. 

For the Class of 2019, EJCHS notched 100% graduation rates for students completing world languages, fine arts, and advanced academics pathways; JCCHS earned 100% rates in world languages and advanced academics and 97.6 percent in fine arts.

The CTAE pathway graduation rate, which applies to students who complete one of 18 career pathways offered in the Jackson County School System, was 99 percent for EJCHS, with JCCHS at 98.6 percent.

Overall graduation rates for EJCHS and JCCHS were 97.4 and 94.6 percent, respectively.

The state’s CTAE rate was 96.5 percent, topping the statewide graduation rate by 14.5 percentage points.

“All of our graduation rates are outstanding and something to be proud of,” said Todd Shultz, the district’s CTAE director.  “I truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication our teachers and administrators have put toward the success of our students.”

It’s all about student success, officials agree.

“Our goal in education is to prepare students to live fulfilling lives,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “We want students to find careers they love. We want them to use their skills and talents to contribute to their communities and build the future of our state. Career, technical, and agricultural education makes that happen by connecting Georgia’s K-12 schools with business and industry and helping students see the relevance of their education.

“This year’s graduation rate shows the program continues to succeed.”

The state also emphasized placement rate: 99.6% of pathway completers go on to post-secondary education, advanced training, military service, or employment.

Using their skills after high school graduation, CTAE pathway completers are prepared for the next step in their career journey.

While the 2019 placement rate for high school graduates who are pathway completers – in post-secondary education or advanced training, in military service, or in employment six months following graduation – is not yet available, the 2018 rate was 99.6 percent.

Georgia’s CTAE program leverages partnerships with industry and higher education to make sure students are ready to take their next step after high school. Students across the state can take courses in more than 100 Career Pathways within 17 Career Clusters, earn recognized industry credentials, participate in work-based learning and apprenticeship opportunities, and serve as leaders through membership in co-curricular Career and Technical Student Organizations.

CTAE is for all students, and Career Pathway completers are prepared to pursue higher education (through the University System of Georgia, Technical College System of Georgia, or another institution), enter the military, accept an apprenticeship opportunity or immediately begin their career.

Click here to learn more about all the pathway CTAE offerings for students in Jackson County Schools and access the Program of Study that lists program offerings in greater detail.