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JCSS Leaders Visit Local Industry

JCSS Leaders Visit Local Industry

JEFFERSON — School and district-leaders from within the Jackson County School System visited local industry leaders from Jackson County during a leadership retreat on Friday, June 9. 

The retreat started Friday morning with 74 leaders visiting six industrial leaders. The goal of the retreat was for leaders to gain a better understanding of the industry located in Jackson County and the opportunities that are available after graduation for the over 10,000 students within the Jackson County School System.

“We feel like this was an opportunity to educate our leaders about the economic development that is occurring here in Jackson County, and the industries that have moved and operate here on a daily basis,” Jackson County School System Superintendent Dr. Philip Brown said. “We are extremely grateful to the industry leaders for welcoming our leaders and educating us about their business operations, and how our students can benefit from them being right here in our county.”

The school and district-leaders were broken into three groups. Each group visited two industry businesses, which included Solmax, TICA, SK Battery, Ace Hardware, Kubota and Southeast Toyota Distributors. Following the tours, leaders then heard a presentation on economic development taking place inside Jackson County. 

The Jackson County School System hosts the Empower College and Career Center, an academy available to high school students at both East Jackson Comprehensive High School and Jackson County High School. Empower has over 30 Career, Technical, Agricultural Educational pathways available, along with dual-enrollment courses from Lanier Technical College. The academy allows students to gain hands-on experience and earn certifications in career fields that local industry is currently seeking in future employees.