• JCSS Instructional Technology strives to amplify and augment highly engaging teaching practices and remarkable student learning experiences by supporting effective and impactful technology integration in any instructional environment.

  • We believe that technology creates powerful opportunities that contribute to the success and achievement of every student. Learning happens no matter the time or place, and educational technology allows teachers to break down the traditional barriers of the classroom. 

    Not only does technology in the classroom amplify and extend student learning, but also does it prepare our students for their future careers. In a hyper-connected world, technology integration provides students lifelong foundational skills in utilizing technology effectively to create, communicate, collaborate, and become empowered digital citizens.

    The mission of Instructional Technology in Jackson County Schools is to encourage and support the seamless, appropriate, and effective integration of technology into the classroom

    • administering evidence-based digital tools and instructional resources
    • leveraging digital learning environments and training on quality instructional design
    • supporting the appropriate embedding of technology into everyday instruction
    • fostering student and teacher innovation and creativity
    • providing collaborative learning resources for all JCSS stakeholders


  • Meet Our Team

     Cat Flippen Headshot 

    Cat Flippen
    Instructional Technology Coordinator