• The One-to-One (1:1) Chromebook Program at Jackson County Schools aims to provide each student with access to a safe and effective computing device for instructional/educational use.

    Students using Chromebooks to completely Choice Boards

    Chromebooks provide access to digital tools and instructional resources that are key to empowering our 21st Century Learners.


    These devices amplify the depth and breadth of the learning experiences for each individual student by creating numerous opportunities for authentic learning and alternative demonstration of mastery.


    A 1:1 learning environment also serves the purpose of preparing our students for the globally-connected and digitally-enhanced workplace. For students entering the university system, an educationally-driven device prepares them for the collegiate experience by embedding their learning safely into a digital space through an instructional lens.

    The benefit of utilizing a school-owned device for students instead of a Bring-Your-Own-Device initiative includes bridging the equity gap so every student, regardless of socioeconomic status, has access to a reliable device and giving students access to the world of learning in a secure network and filtered environment.

    provides our educators and students significant access to digital instructional resources and powerful learning tools to enable students to demonstrate learning mastery and to become lifelong learners.


    Jackson County Schools is committed to providing every student in 2nd through 12th grades with his or her own school-issued Chromebook device.

    Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade will experience a 1:3 Chromebook Classroom, in which for every one student, there will be a Chromebook available to facilitate small group learning, discovery activites, and personalized learning platforms.


    If you need support for your student's Chromebook, please contact your school-based computer technician or media specialist.

    Otherwise, for more information about our 1:1 Chromebook Program, please contact our Information Technology department.