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A Message from the Superintendent

We are working feverishly to prepare for a successful opening to the 2020-2021 school year. We appreciate all of you who responded to the Learning Environment Commitment survey. Our school leaders are working tirelessly to realign every students’ schedule to provide the very best experience through distance learning, as well as in-person learning for those students who will return to a traditional setting.

Families who selected distance learning will begin to receive communications this week which will include a short overview/orientation video and additional guidance with expectations and commitments for teachers, students, and parents.

Families who chose for their students to return to a traditional environment will be receiving communications in the upcoming week which will include the students’ anticipated teachers and schedules. Families should understand that we are ensuring the greatest level of safety we can feasibly provide within the limitations of the traditional school environment.  After meeting with Dr. Goggans, the Georgia Department of Public Health Regional Director this week, we will ask that all teachers and students wear masks while inside the school. We know the three most important things we can do to prevent community spread is social distance, wash hands, and wear masks. Since our children and staff members are very important members of our community, we are committed to ensuring their safety to the best of our ability. Staff will receive training prior to students returning to school. As a part of this training, we’ll address times when it is appropriate for students to remove masks and how we provide guidance for children of all ages.

We thank you in advance for your commitment to our school district and community. We are living in unprecedented times with very unique challenges, but we are fortunate to have caring and committed teachers, leaders, and families.