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NJES Gives 3,531 Books to Students

North Jackson Elementary School partnered with Books Are Fun and its Book Blast program to help build students' home libraries. Students' family, friends and several of North Jackson's business partners contributed to this initiative by donating over $41,000. This guaranteed each of NJES' 600-plus students received at least three brand new, age-appropriate books to take home! Depending on their fundraising, some students are now enjoying as many as 10 new books. Students were thrilled to open their personal package of books during the Book Blast celebration on Wednesday, and showed off one of their favorites in a school-wide book parade!  
NJES is the first school inside the Jackson County School System to participate in such an event. NJES is hosting a school-wide literacy initiative this year and will be doing extra special things throughout the year to promote reading and books.
Book Blast by Sara Mixon