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Conquest of the Realm at SJES

What is the Conquest of the Realm reading game?

The Conquest of the Realm Reading Game is designed to be a fun way to help students develop a love of self-selected, independent reading as a school-wide community of readers. The game provides students with multiple opportunities to have conversations about what they are reading with their peers as well as the entire SJES faculty and staff. Participation in the game is voluntary and there are no set requirements for the number of projects students must complete.

What are the kingdoms in the game?

As a part of the game, each student is sorted into one of the four kingdoms. The kingdoms are Swamplandia, Praireden, Foreista, and Montrange. The students remain in the same kingdom from kindergarten through 5th grade. All teachers and staff in the building also belong to one of these four kingdoms.

How is the game played?

Students will earn territory hexagons to build their kingdom’s land by reading self-selected books and completing projects. Each project is worth one territory hexagon and is tracked on the game board in the atrium of our school.  While students may complete any project, each grade level has two feature projects that the teachers will help the students master throughout the school year.

  • Book Talk (Kindergarten)
  • 3D Model (Kindergarten)
  • Wordless Book Narrative (1st Grade)
  • Artistic Compare and Contrast (1st Grade)
  • Character Interview Project (2nd Grade)
  • Novel Engineering (2nd Grade)
  • Book Chats (K-5th Grade)
  • Book Bentos (3rd Grade)
  • Expressive Oral Reading (3rd Grade)
  • Research Project (4th Grade)
  • Author Study (4th Grade)
  • Illustrated Dictionary (5th Grade)
  • Movie Trailer (5th Grade)

How will a project earn a Territory Hexagon?

Each project has a staff member who serves as a Judge for that particular project. Work that meets the guidelines for the assignment and expectations for the child’s age, grade level, and ability will be awarded a territory hexagon on Friday mornings.

How can you support your child at home?

Talk to your students frequently about what they are independently reading. You may also want to read some of the same books your child is reading in order to have deeper and more meaningful conversations about these books

Where can I get more information about the game?

Please visit our Conquest of the Realm website at:
Please contact our media specialist, Mrs. Lisa Wilbanks at if you have any other questions.