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Applying Knowledge in Every Day Life

Schlecht uses knowledge from classes to help others learn.

It was in computer science class while learning about coding and design when Syon Schlecht had the realization that he wanted to create an app of his own. 

Now that he had the skills and knowledge to do so, he just had to think of the perfect idea for the app he was going to create.


Being helpful to others is just one of those things that he enjoys doing, so he knew whatever he were to create it was to be something that others could use.


“I am really good at taking notes for all my classes and so I made an app with all my notes available for my classmates to scroll by class,” said Schlecht. 


Schlecht had always taken extreme interest in being creative and applying his knowledge to create something of his own. This led him to the creation of his note taking app. 


Quizels is his first-ever app and can be found on Google play. It includes several class subjects that his peers can learn from. He incorporates illustrations and explanations to help for the more visual learners.


Since the creation of Quizels, he has made other apps for class projects in computer science and hopes to someday create more.


“I really think that computer science is one of those things that apply to every career so it is nice to know how to do those things for whatever you may need to do. I want to be a doctor and that includes usage of computers so it is good to have that skill and knowledge,” said Schlecht. 


He is currently learning HTML and CSS in web development, which led him to creating his personal portfolio website to display what he has learned and accomplished. 


He grew immensely by taking what he learned from each class and applying it to his everyday life. 

“I really just love learning and taking in all of that. When I step into the lab at our school I just feel at home, that's just something I know and I love to do,” said Schlecht.


One thing he hopes his peers can take away from him is to find interest in what they are learning so they can see the benefits from each course offered.


“Syon exemplifies school spirit and pride in his work. He is determined to succeed and strives to excel at everything he does. He is kind and personable with students and faculty alike. Syon truly exhibits all the characteristics we hope to see in our future leaders,” said Dr. Meri Blackburn, the Chief Operating Officer of  the Empower College and Career Center. 


As the student ambassador and community representative for Empower, he embraces the educational opportunities and hopes to be an example for others to follow. 


Schlecht was nominated for the Governor's Honors Program in November for the subject of chemistry. He will advance to the next level later this semester.


The Congress of Future Medical Leaders awarded Schlecht with the Medical Award of Excellence. This is one of many of his personal accomplishments he credits toward all his academic progress from the courses offered at Empower.


He is also the Hosa-President Elect and captain of the Robotics team at Empower; these are ways that he is able to apply what he learns and continue to learn while enjoying it.


“I have plenty of great things to say about the school. The courses offered here are great for my goals and future career,” said Schlecht. 


This semester, Schlecht spends his mornings at Jackson County High School where he takes AP U.S. History and French. He spends his afternoons at Empower where he is taking Diagnostics Phlebotomy and Applications of Biotechnology.


One goal he has for himself before graduating next year is to take IB chemistry and eventually write his own academic journal and get it published.


In his AP seminar class last semester, Schlecht said he learned about research and plans to use all that he has learned from the class.


“One thing I'm looking forward to (in the second semester) is that at Empower we will be starting a new phlebotomy class and I’ll be able to learn that stuff hands on,” Schlecht said. “There will also be opportunities for internships at the hospital and you still receive class credit; it is something I would definitely enjoy doing.”


The upcoming phlebotomy class is a great opportunity for all healthcare students. Schlecht wants to someday attend UCLA to become a doctor of internal medicine and physician scientist. 


Creating change someday is the ultimate goal for Schlecht. He is no stranger to dreaming big and he has no doubt someday he will change the world.