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From East to West, Rogers Values JCSS Community

Gum Springs Elementary’s Kaycie Rogers has been with Jackson County from the start of her career.

Since Kaycie Rogers was twenty-two years old she has worked within the Jackson County School System, a community that has become a place she now calls her home. 

While attending the University of Georgia as an undergraduate student, she began her student teaching with Benton Elementary School. She was hired as a full-time teacher after graduation and taught first grade for a year. 

Rogers’ next stop within the county was East Jackson Elementary, when it opened in 2003. Rogers spent the next eighteen years inside the hallways of EJES, spending her time as a third grade teacher for seven years before transitioning into gifted education and instructional coaching. 

Rogers held that position at EJES for 12 years, all the way until a new opportunity presented itself at Gum Springs Elementary School at the start of the 2022-23 school year. Rogers said after being on the east side of the county for so long, she was ready to make the change to the west side.

“I was with the east side for a very long time so coming into the west side community has been interesting to see how they are both unique in their own ways,” Rogers said, “but still are joined and share common values. Both sides of the district value community and it's one of the great things that I love about Jackson County.”

Experiencing all aspects of the district allows Rogers to assist her peers by connecting individuals together to strengthen the community as a whole. Whether on the east or the west side, Rogers has grown to love where she has been and where she currently is, and sees how they are both connected as one.

In her role as instructional coach, Rogers is involved with professional development for teachers, classroom evaluations, and ultimately finding ways to refine practices to improve education for students.

“Everyday is different, I never know what each day is going to bring and that is part of what's challenging about this role but it is what's exciting about the job,” said Rogers. “I get to learn a lot of new things too and interact with a lot of different people which helps me grow in my own practices too to learn from other people.”

Former students of Rogers are now educators within the school system. Rogers says seeing them is a reminder of how impactful her work is to her students.

Growing up in a line of educators herself, Rogers is filled with pride knowing that she follows within her family's footsteps. Her grandmother taught for sixty years, and her mother for thirty-eight years. Rogers, a South Georgia native, has three sisters and they all work in education as well. 

Fellow teachers and staff enjoy having Rogers around, her passion for education and serving others has been impactful to others. 

“Kaycie is a huge asset to this place and we are so glad to have her here with us,” said Ann Harrison, first grade teacher at GSES.

Rogers has also worked with Georgia 4-H for several years. That’s where she discovered she can also encourage adults within their education. During previous Summer vacations, Rogers moved to the Rock Eagle Camp and worked as an assistant camp coordinator.

Even in college, Rogers would dedicate her Summer vacations to being a camp counselor with the program. Serving as a leader to children gave her encouragement and confidence when it came time to teach.

“Working with Georgia 4-H gave me opportunities to work with children and adults from all over the state,” said Rogers “That's where I spent the most time educating adults because our staff was college students and that helped me realize that it wasn't just little ones I liked to teach but I also taught and learned with older people. From there it led me to think that education is not just about kids.” 

The skills acquired from her background is how she is able to bring together so many different individuals. She works diligently to ensure that students and teachers always have the resources and proper teaching tools for success. 

Rogers is grateful for the opportunity to experience both the east and west sides to see how the community comes together as one.