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Be Proud, Be Pro Event

Georgia’s workforce is facing a challenge. Our state’s workforce isn’t prepared to fill the positions our retiring workers are creating. #EmpowerC3 is attempting to inspire today’s youth and lead them down the path to a productive career and prosperous future. Through Northeast Georgia Workforce Development and Jackson County Work-Based Learning, we were able to secure a visit from the Be Proud, Be Pro Mobile Interactive Experience. Be Pro Be Proud is a national program and was launched, in Georgia, by the Cherokee Office of Economic Development. This program allows students to experience several skilled trades through virtual and hands-on simulations. Some of the experiences include commercial truck driving, welding, plumbing, healthcare, robotics, plant science, and working as a power company lineman. More than 300 students were immersed in the Be Pro Be Proud mobile experience. Many learned that they have skills that can help them create a productive life, here in Jackson County.  We want our students to use their passion and talent to shape our state’s future. Hosting the Be Pro Be Proud Mobile classroom is just one of the ways Empower C3 continually helps students discover their talents and the opportunities for success.