Karen Bridgeman, JCSS Communications Coordinator

Reach Karen Bridgeman, JCSS Communications Coordinator, by email to or by calling 706-367-3997 or 706-340-4435.

Welcome to the website for the Jackson County School System and the associated websites for our six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.

We know this is a big change from our previous efforts, so here are some things to watch for and a roadmap of sorts:

Clicking on text in gold will link you to information elsewhere on our site, to one of our school sites, or to a site outside our domain.

The easiest way to find information is to use the SEARCH function on the top right side of every page, including the HOME PAGE. Enter words related to your topic and press ENTER to get a list of likely resources.

The HOME PAGE features a menu across the top; an alert box at left, which will be used to promote short-term, time-sensitive announcements; and a box that highlights upcoming district-wide events. It also presents the JCSS mission and vision and photos from across our school system.

The top menu bar has tabs for the following pages and subpages: 

OUR DISTRICT – This page follows the organization of our school system around administration, human resources, teaching and learning, and operations. In addition to an overview and general information, biographies of our leaders and links pages for each department are presented. There also are links to the organization chart for our school system.

OUR SCHOOLS – This list of our 10 schools by grade band — elementary, middle, and high school — includes the schools’ locations, phone and fax numbers, website addresses (with links), and the name and email address of each principal.

STAFF LIST – This directory of the JCSS faculty and staff can be sorted by name, school/facility, position (i.e., teacher, registrar); and department (i.e., kindergarten, foreign language; transportation). It provides contact information, and it also lists available teachers’ websites. Please be patient with us here — particularly at the start of the new school year when changes to the directory may lag a bit behind staffing changes.

LATEST NEWS – This page provides the most recent posts to the website that supplement the information provided on individual department pages, as well as news releases and other announcements. It is presented in date order, with the most recent post listed first, and it can be sorted by category. PLEASE CHECK THE DATE ON THE POST as similar postings on specific topics may occur over time.

QUICK LINKS – This page presents an expanded list of quick links to the most frequently used pages of our website and those outside links used by our stakeholders (i.e., the link to our Board of Education website; SchoolPay, the vendor JCSS uses for online payment of fees; and the parent portal for Infinite Campus, our student information management system).

CALENDARS – With links at the top to the one-page version of the current school-year calendar and to the OUR SCHOOLS page for a quick path back to individual schools’ calendars, this page also presents a Master Calendar of all public activities across the school system and a calendar of just the activities specific to JCSS (i.e., Board of Education work sessions and meetings). You can click the various calendars off and on to see just those you are interested in or leave them all selected to get a view of what is going on across the district on any given day.

FORMS – This is a collection point for forms that are used across our district, providing a place to view online (or download and print) forms for registration, special education, etc. Forms specific to individual schools (i.e., field trip permission, after-school care, etc.) will be found under the same heading on the individual schools’ websites.

CONTACT US – This page has our Central Office contact information and directions to our location adjacent to the Jackson County Comprehensive High School campus, just off Panther Drive.

SEARCH – This page gives you the opportunity to search our website, using words you will find on the pages and posts. There’s an explanation of the process and information to make your searches more accurate.

In the middle of the HOME PAGE, you will find quick links organized by stakeholder groups — Parents & Students, Faculty & Staff, and Community Partners.

Below that, our Master Calendar and Twitter and Facebook feeds are displayed, followed by an interactive Google map that shows the locations of all the JCSS facilities.

At the bottom of the page, additional contact information and our E-verify number are listed.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, or you find mistakes that need correction or omissions we should address, please contact me via email to or call me at 706-367-3997.

And watch for our new smartphone app (which will provide direct links to the most frequently used apps associated with our schools and our school system) coming soon!

— Karen Bridgeman, JCSS Communications Coordinator
Updated May 12, 2020